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In San Gabriel Valley, buying real estate is typically the largest purchase residents will make in their lifetime. This transaction can also be one of the most complex that they will encounter. When you consider the long-term costs connected with closing a real estate deal, you will realize that getting professional advice can help simplify this process and protect your finances.

For over 30 years, our team at The Law Offices of Kelly Warren has assisted clients struggling with real estate issues in California. Our founding attorney, Mr. Kelly Warren, has counseled clients for decades. He uses his background in real estate law and understanding of property tax codes to help families avoid certain expenses and secure favorable terms in their purchase agreements.

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Providing Sound Real Estate Advice For A Variety Of Concerns

Our firm represents residential buyer and sellers for a range of matters such as:

  • Counsel on property tax matters
  • Representation during closings
  • Warranty, grant or quitclaim deed review
  • Purchase agreement review and negotiations
  • Title search review

As your advocate, Mr. Warren will take the time to educate you on the transaction process, preparing you for your closing. A meticulous contract lawyer, he is able to identify unfavorable terms in your purchase agreement and is qualified to negotiate on your behalf so that you secure the best contract according to your circumstances.

In addition to purchase agreement review and negotiations, Mr. Warren advises on property tax issues and deed matters. He applies his knowledge of the law to limit unnecessary tax obligations. He scrutinizes various deeds to avoid property disputes.

With our assistance, you can rest assured that you are entering into an agreement fully informed. We are dedicated to using our legal insight to safeguard your interests now and years into the future.

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